Wondrous Lands of North Bengal and Sikkim
North Bengal and Sikkim is home to a number of exotic destinations, often ignored and unexplored. We decided to bring you the most stunning choices among these places that are offbeat in a way but extremely adventurous and full of amusement.

The beauty of Dense Dooars:

Spread over 8800 square kilometer, Dooars is one of the most enchanting places you can ever land on. In the literal meaning of the word, Dooars refers to the gateway of the North East India with a number of rivers and dense forests welcoming the visitors. The place has a stamp of beauty all over it and is counted among the most perfect destinations for those in love with nature and adventure. While the largest river Teesta is a treat to the eyes as it passes between the mountains, there are others small rivers like Sankosh, Jaldhaka,Torsha, Murty to name a few.

Being an unexplored destination, many people consider Dooars to be a place full of mystery that is worth revealing. Home to the tribe ToTo, which is considered as the small tribe in terms of population, the region is also known for the diverse flora and fauna. What makes traveling in any part of Duars a true pleasure is the amazing climate, which remains mild even in the peak summer months. The forests areas are divided and we can assist you in covering all of them in break trips or a single trip as you want. Most the popular destinations are close to Alipurduar and New Jalpaiguri and can be reached via car or train.

The enchanting exquisiteness of Darjeeling:

If Mussorie is the queen of hills in the north, Darjeeling is definitely the queen in the North East. Beautiful and stunning, this is a hill station that has maintained its old world charm in spite of all the development. Overlooking the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga, the place is also known for its warm hospitable people and locals. Visitors looking for a summer getaway can pick this place as the perfect summer vacationing destination. It is 2,134 m above the sea level and has numerous attractions that are close to each other. Apart from checking the sunset point and Mall road, visitors can pay a visit to the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, which is home to a number of wild life species.

Apart from checking the beauty of Tiger Hill sunset and sunrise, there are options to take a stroll along the Bhutia market and monasteries. What is more exciting is the journey, which is just 78kms from Siliguri and is accessible all around the year. We can offer you arranged package for Darjeeling and its adjoining area along with a few points in Dooars as per your convenience and budget. It is best to skip the monsoon months as the landslides are common in the region.

The uncharted lands of Sikkim:

Known to be the smallest state in India, Sikkim is home to the tribes like Limbus and Lepchas. There are numerous destinations in the region apart from the popular Gangtok that you can explore here. Mt. Khangchendzonga, which is one of the highest mountains of the world, is located here. Needless to mention, the winter and summer months are frequented by tourists with varied interest, and there is also something about the local culture that makes people fall in love.

Pang Lhabsol is the largest local festival of the state, and there are many things to check in the capital that can be checked. The Tsangu Lake is one of the high altitude lakes that one can find, which remains frozen in the winter months. The state has borders with Nepal and Bhutan, and both countries can be reached via the state.

We arrange special trips for Sikkim, based on the weather reports. Being located at a high altitude, the state sees landslides in the monsoons. For people in and around West Bengal, this is the perfect destination to see the snowfall in the winters. The main capital can be reached from New Jalpaiguri/Siliguri via bus and car, and we can arrange mini buses for people traveling in groups. The beauty of Sikkim lies in the unchartered lands which are often frequented by adventurers. For those planning adventure treks and activities, must get in touch with our Kolkata Office for complete enquiries as safety and convenience is what we aim at.

"Greenchilli" arrange everything properly and I am so happy at Lamahata arrangement was excellent from lodging to fooding everything.
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We had an excellent time and really enjoyed the whole tour in a short period of time in LAVA & Rishov.Thanks to Greenchilli and coordinator Mr Deb, Mr Dip And Mr Bidyut.
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Rooms were excellent & super service. Food & guide too good and knowledgeable. The entire trip was memorable . High recommended resort for anyone travelling to Dooars with Greenchillitourism
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Duars or Dooars literally means gateway / door to Bhutan and North East India. Situated in the foothills of Himalaya consisting of an area of 8,800 square kilometer / 3,400 square mile is criss - crossed with rivers. The major river is the Teesta besides many others like the Jaldhaka, Torsha, Murty, Sankosh, Karatoya, Raidak, Kaljani and Dyna. The Duars is spread from Darjeeling foothills to the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh and is known for its rich biodiversity and forests. There are fabulous wildlife sanctuaries with scenic beauty, log huts and Toto Para, the habitat of the rare and smallest surviving tribe known as the Toto.
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